Stills I

Soft-boiled Egg with toasted soldier. Food Stylist Kelly Bowers, London Natural Oyster Marinated with Chilli, Lemon & dill. Created by Kelly Bowers Grilled Goats Cheese Salad with pickled mushrooms, walnuts.  Food stylist Kelly Bowers Carved roasted Chicken served with seasonal greens & potatoes. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Red onion Birdseye Fish Finger Sandwich Medium roasted Beef joint. Mini Puff pasty Beef Pies Pan Fired Scallops & cucumber Salad. Food Stylist Kelly Bowers, London Hot Smoked Salmon Salad with yoghurt dressing. Food by Kelly Bowers Turkey Burger with Rocket & Basil dressing. Food made by Kelly Bowers, London Pinklady photography of the year 2017 Steak, Blue Cheese, Watercress Sandwich on rustic Bread. Ham & Cheese salad Sandwich. Food Stylist Kelly Bowers, London. Pink Peppercorn Roast Chicken with Garlic.  Cooked & Styled by Food Stylist Kelly Bowers Scotch egg with runny egg yolk.  Made & Styled by Kelly Bowers Scotch eggs with Pickled onions, radishes & Red onion. Made & Styled by Kelly Bowers Scotch eggs with homemade piccalilli & gherkins.  Made & styled by Kelly Bowers-Food stylist