Hardee's Chicken Burger with pulled Chicken, lettuces & cheese sitting on a black surface with falling Crisp.

Hardee’s Chick Flix.

GoodFella’s Pizza.

Dr Oetker three layered Victoria sponge cake singing.

Dr Oetker

3 Bacardi Bombay Sapphire Festive Cocktails. Cocktails by Kelly Bowers

Bombay Sapphire

Bowl of Quaker Oats so Simple on a kitchen bench with 3 packets of Quaker oats. Food by Kelly Bowers


Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee machine on counter-top with christmas lights. Drinks by Kelly Bowers


Glass of Cadbury milkshake being drunk through a glass Cadbury straw with a purple Cadbury background.


a plate of Idahoan Roast Garlic Mash with Pan fried Cod & spinach in a kitchen. Food styling by Kelly Bowers

Idahoan Roast Garlic Mash & Cod

Philadelphia Cheesecake with red berries & blueberries on a white plate & kitchen bench. Cheesecake made by Kelly Bowers

Philadelphia cheesecake & Berries

Tomatoes, parmesan cheese, Spinach & Cream flying a cross the screen. All the Ingredients used to make Loyd Grossman Pasta sauce. Food styling by Kelly Bowers.

Loyd Grossman Pasta sauce

Beef Burger topped with mushrooms, red onion and watercress in a brioche bun with Hellmann's Mayo . Cooked by Kelly Bowers


Vegetables used to make Baxters soup range, Laid out on grass with a fake chicken. Food styling by Kelly Bowers.

Baxters Soup

Eggs Benedict with Ham & Avocado on white plate. Egg cut with runny yolk.

Eggs Benedict

Lady standing in front of New York Bakery bagels display, throwing a brown bag.

New York Bakery

Bottle of Baileys with two chocolate Easter Egg filled with Ice cream & Baileys on a kitchen table


Belvita Soft Bakes cooking in an oven on tray


Flaming red chilies with chilli powder.


Deliciously rich Koko Dairy Free, Dark Chocolate pot with chocolate shavings

Koko Dairy Free

Lidl Chicken Kiev with Asparagus


Hearty Bowl of Glorious Soup from around the world.

Glorious Soup

Findus Cuttle fish and peas in a pan.


Large white platter of Iglo Battered Fish Fingers


Table fill of cakes at a Village Cake competition.

There’s a beer for that.

3 tiered white cream cake, decorated with Strawberries, red currant and Raspberries. On kitchen work bench

DL AXN Torta Di Riso

Walker’s Gary’s Taste Test

Iglo Broccoli & mustard Schlemmer Filet on white plate with Peas & beans. Cooked by Kelly Bowers



Marks and Spencer Chocolatey Christmas desserts. Food styling Kelly Bowers



Chocolate sauce with puffed rice and rolled oats, Kelloggs special K bars.